UEi DMEG3 Portable Insulation Resistance Tester

by UEi Instruments

Model Number: DMEG3

Description: UEi DMEG3 Insulation Resistance Tester allows to predict, prevent and identify insulation failures that can cause appliance failure, stop production, create power problems and even put lives at risk. This insulation resistance tester quickly tests insulation integrity on motors, power distribution systems and other installed wiring.

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Product Description

The UEi DMEG3 Portable Insulation Resistance Tester enables the user to prevent, identify, and predict insulation failures that can create power problems, appliance failure, stop production, or put lives in danger. Easily tests insulation integrity on wiring, motors, and power distribution systems.


Chracteristics:UEi DMEG3 Portable Insulation Resistance Tester
 Full digital display presents measured value and test function
 Capable of 600V AC measurements
 Insulation resistance range: 0? to 2000M?
 Visible live circuit indication light
 Fuse guarded
 Accurate Resistance to 0.01? with audible continuity feature
 200mA short-circuit continuity test feature
 Low resistance test leads (1000V CAT III rated)
 Audible continuity feature
 Green LED power on light
 Low battery warning indicator
 Capable of maintaining rated voltage on cables with up to 1mA leak rates
 Automatic discharge
 Heavy duty case with protective cover
 3 year warranty


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