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Bacharach PCA 400 Wireless Combustion and Emissions Flue Gas Analyzer
Bacharach PCA 400 Wireless Combustion and Emissions Flue Gas Analyzer 2410-1110

Bacharach PCA 400 Wireless Combustion and Emissions Flue Gas Analyzer

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Bacharach PCA 400 Wireless Combustion and Emissions Flue Gas Analyzer has been designed for commercial and industrial analysis of boilers, water heaters, furnaces and engines. This analyzer is an upgrade and replacement of PCA3 series.

Main Benefits:

  • 10 Standard Fuels and Additional Customer Fields to set up Custom Fuels
  • Big Color Touch Screen Display to See Test Data Better
  • Intuitive Icon Menu Enable Easy Navigation
  • Enhanced Data Viewing Mode to Help in Data Interpretation
  • B-Smart Pre-Calibrated Sensors, Big Time and Cost Saver
  • Bluetooth Communication - Real-time Data Streaming to Mobile Device
  • Large Memory with 500 Locations
  • Advanced Sensor Features - Extended 5-year Warranty on O2 Sensor

The Bacharach PCA400 is an excellent tool for analysis, commissioning or tuning of commercial boilers.  The PCA 400 also tunes or spot-checks engines, when high-range CO sensor (up to 40,000 ppm) is installed.  HVAC techs and maintenance managers can use it, as well for emissions testing of natural gas, stationary genset or mobile vehicles.  As you see the application range is very broad.

Bacharach PCA400 comes with a large memory – up to 500 sets of records – and lets technicians not only save test results, but also transfer them or stream them live to a PC or mobile device.  The software in PCA400 generates great reports for analysis and to meet compliance requirements.

The Bacharach combustion analyzer features big 4.3 inch graphic screen for easy data viewing, as shows easy to understand and to navigate icon menus – great for easy operation.  The flue gas analyzer power is supported by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, but regular AA batteries can also be used, just to make sure the unit is always ready for use.

Bacharach provides a wide range of probes and hoses with different lengths to make the analyzer useful in many applications.  All connectors on probes and hoses are ruggedized to provide extended life in commercial environment.

The B-Smart pre-calibrated sensor offer great time and cost savings, as technicians can replace them in the field.  Moreover, sensors come with 2-year warranty, and O2 sensor has an extended 5-year warranty. In addition, automatic sensor protection guards them from damage and doubles their range, when high load conditions exist.

Here’s a list of measured values:

O2 - from 0 to 20.9%
CO (H2 compensated) - from 0 to 10,000 ppm
CO (high) optional sensor – from 0 to 40,000 ppm
NO – from 0 to 3,000 ppm
NO2 – from 0 to 300 ppm
SO2 – from 0 to 5,000 ppm
Stack Temperature – from -4 to 2190
Ambient Temperature – from -4 to 999
Draft/Differential Pressure  +/- 72 inH2O

Please note: PCA 400 only calculates CO2 value based on measures values of other gases.

Recent Upgrades to the PCA 400:

Bacharach recently announced key product upgrades to their PCA 400 combustion and emissions analyzer.   The upgrades include sensor protection, low-NOx measurement, near field communications (NFC), and the ability to link up and control the analyzer with the newly released mobile app. These updates will allow users to implement several key features incorporated in the original design.

The user defined sensor protection for CO, NO, NO2, and SO2 sensors means a prolonged sensor life by automatically engaging the dilution pump for high concentration gas samples. The benefits to the user, according to Bacharach, will be lower cost for replacement sensors and not having to repeat testing procedures due to a failed sensor.

The PCA 400 with low-NOx capability will measure down to 0.1 ppm resulting in more accuracy when reading NOx measurements and reporting to regulatory agencies.

Combustion analyzer’s sensors need to be replaced or calibrated periodically to maintain accuracy and optimal performance.  Bacharach’s innovative B-Smart pre-calibrated sensors make the replacement process easy and efficient. And now with the new scanning process using the near-field communication (NFC), the replacement of sensors is even easier for the busy HVAC service technician to maintain their instruments without any downtime. The NFC compatibility allows for a faster and more accurate replacement of sensors without needing to manually enter a sensor code.

Bacharach has improved the PCA 400 mobile app to make service calls quicker, easier, and more efficient. The PCA 400 app will allow the HVAC service technician the ability to view combustion measurements in real time and remotely connect to their analyzer from a safer and more convenient location while performing tests. In addition, when using the App, a technician can save current combustion readings in a report and later send the PDF reports to the customer informing them of the equipment’s status before and after the service call. 

Bacharach’s commitment is to continually improve features on their products that will enhance the level of accuracy, efficiency, and customer communication for all HVAC service technicians who require dependable products on every service call.

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