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Testers and Tools is an online specialty distributor of the test equipment and tools.  We do carry a broad range of meters and tools from quality manufacturers, such as AEMC, Amprobe, Armada, Bacharach, CPS Products, Extech, Fieldpiece, Flir, Fluke, TSI Alnor, Testo, Tramex, UEi, Viasensor, Wohler, Yellow Jacket just to mention a few names.

 Our Customer Service can help you with a host of questions related to current orders, and update you on product inventory, time and price for shipping products to you, tracking numbers, etc.  The Customer Service representatives can also assist you with product selection to match your needs, or find product specific technical information that you search for.

 You can also place orders over the phone by calling 602-795-4033, or by sending a fax to 602-795-4624.

 If you need to send us any correspondence, please mail it to:

625 W. Deer Valley Rd, Ste. 103-188

Phoenix AZ, 85027

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