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Flir offers Free Instrument with a purchase of $200 or more. Offer valid through June 30, 2018. Details and Redemption Form.

Fluke offers Free Instrument or accessory with a purchase of $250 or more. Offer valid through June 30, 2018. Details and Redemption Form.
  • AAB
    AAB Smart Tools is a subdivision of the Automatic Airflow Balancing, Inc. a US manufacturer of the HVAC test and balance instruments and meters. AAB Smart Tools developed a line of small wireless devices, which can be used with all smart phones and tablets. The real time measurements and data display makes those small meters very accurate. They are affordable to fit a budget of even students and techs entering the HVAC profession.
  • AccuTools

    The AccuTools is a brand of high quality HVAC testers and instruments made by Core Enterprises in US.  The manufacturer uses state of the art technology to manufacture BluVac vacuum gauges, micron gauges, refrigerant leak detectors, charging scales and other equipment.

  • AEMC

    Check out the AEMC PowerPad III 8435 Waterproof Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer/ Data Logger and the most popular AEMC PEL 102, and PEL 103 Power and Energy Loggers.

    AEMC Instruments manufactures top-quality electrical test equipment for Professional technicians working in industrial, commercial, and utilities fields. AEMC is a subsidiary of the internationally-known Chauvin Arnoux company, founded in 1893, and have themselves been doing business as AEMC since 1976. Reliability and quality are the names of the game with AEMC’s industry-leading current measurement probes, power quality analyzers, ground resistance testers and insulation resistance testers. AEMC’s full product line also includes a wide variety of great instruments including clamp meters, power quality meters, transformer ratiometers, harmonic power meters, data loggers, lux meters, oscilloscopes, cable testers, and much more.

  • Amprobe

    Amprobe Instruments on Sale! Always in stock.

    Amprobe builds high-quality, rugged, and dependable test and measurement tools for electrical and HVAC professionals. Started in 1948, Amprobe originated under a different name and became famous for developing the first current-measuring clamp-on meter, dubbed the “Amprobe”. After becoming famous for and synonymous with this meter, the company changed its name to Amprobe. Since that time Amprobe has expanded to produce a catalog of over 500 products including top-level wire tracers and multimeters. Amprobe meters are all rigorously safety tested to the latest IEC and CE safety standards and further listed with third-party laboratories. Whether you need general products for HVAC or electrical work or application-specific industrial or commercial tools, Amprobe provides quality and reliability.

  • Armada

    Armada Technologies is a designer and builder of high-quality underground electrical testing equipment that is independently owned and operated in Caledonia, Michigan. Armada strives to design products with the specific needs of the end user technician in mind and uses customer feedback and field experience to deliver specialized and dependable testing tools. Armada Technologies specializes in irrigation testing technologies but extends also to the fields of landscape lighting, cable TV, Telecommunications, rental, campground, invisible pet fencing and many others. Additionally, Armada has developed excellent manufacturing partnerships to reduce operational costs and pass savings on to the customer, providing competitive quality products at unbeatable prices.

  • Bacharach

    Take Advantage of Bacharach Combustion Analyzers New Promotion!

    Purchase any Fyrite InTech model (excluding part no. 0024-8510), Fyrite INSIGHT Plus or PCA3 combustion analyzer and receive Bacharach FREE Gift: Your choice of: CASH BACK - or - FREE B-SMART SENSOR SUBSCRIPTION. Offer valid throught October 31, 2017. Find Details and Redemption Form here...

    All Bacharach Fyrite InTech, Fyrite INSIGHT Plus or PCA3 Combustion Analyzers are on Sale!

    Learn more about our best-sellers Bacharach 0024-8518 Fyrite Insight Plus and Bacharach 0024-8512 Fyrite InTech Combustion Analyzers!

    The Bacharach ECO-2020 and ECO-2020-8001 Refrigerant Recovery Unit evacuate a typical residential system in under 5 minutes. Learn more...

    Bacharach, Inc. is an international leader in the design and manufacture of advanced equipment for gas and liquid measurement and detection. Bacharach has dedicated over 106 years to the development and creation of high-quality testing tools for combustion and environmental gases, temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and many other air quality and safety parameters. Due to excellent quality standards and continued development, research and strategic acquisitions, Bacharach maintains top standing among testing equipment manufacturers and strives to remain an industry leader.

  • Byte Brothers

    Byte Brothers designs and manufactures innovative and cost-effective hand-held cable testing solutions for those in the computer, datacomm, audio/video and security fields. Byte Brothers focuses on developing and producing testers that are packed with features and functionality at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Their innovative designs have produced testers for cable speed parameters, many low voltage applications, CCTV, POE and much more. Byte Brothers was also recently acquired by Jewell Instruments, meaning that Byte Brothers products will now enjoy much larger distribution as well as more funding for further research and development.

  • Dwyer Instruments
    Dwyer Instruments makes the best manometers and pitot tubes since 1931. The company designs and manufacturers meters, test equipment, probes and accessories for HVAC, Building Automation, Water and Wastewater markets. Dwyer has gained a recognition, as the innovator in manufacturing of the test tools due to the recent release of wireless testers and meters for the HVAC applications.
  • Extech

    NEW Extech Promotion! Get 20% off when you buy one of the following Extech test and measurement instruments. Offer valid through  December 31, 2017.

    EX205T - True RMS Digital Multimeter with Large LCD and 7 Functions

    MN62-K - True RMS Multimeter with AC Voltage Detector Kit

    MA61 - 60A True RMS AC Clamp Meter with NCV Detector

    MA63 - 60A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with NCV Detector

    EN150 - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter

    45170 - 4-in-1 Environmental Meter

    Special pricing is available for all Extech Instruments. Just request a Quote by phone, chat or by e-mail 


  • Flir
    Flir is a prime manufacturer of thermal cameras for host of different applications.
  • Fluke
    Fluke is a global leader and one of the most respected companies making test equipment for electricians and HVAC technicians. Their multimeters, clamp meters, oscilloscopes and other testers are of the highest quality.
  • General Tools

    General Tools & Instruments LLC was founded in New York City in 1922 by Abe and Lillian Rosenberg and began as a manufacturer of hardware and specialty hand tools. Over time Abe began to seek out designers and design himself more specialty tools to be manufactured by production partners eventually leading to the acquisition of Mannix Instruments and the subsequent production of electronic testing equipment. Today, General Tools produces high-quality digital tools inspired and fueled by the original entrepreneurial spirit that gave birth to the company almost 100 years ago. General Tools offers affordable tools and testers for Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Industrial fields.

  • Greenlee

    Greenlee has provided quality tools for over 140 years with 70 years experience in the electrical testing markets and a 20 year recommitment to high technology for the development of innovative and effective tools and testers. Greenlee employs state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities as well as strict quality assurance programs to continue to supply excellent tools at a good price. With a massive catalogue, Greenlee provides top-quality equipment to a wide variety of testing fields and carries an ISO 9001 Certification, assuring an ongoing commitment to excellence. Greenlee is committed to being an industry leader in technology and service now and further into the 21st century.

  • CPS Products

    CPS Products is the most awarded manufacturer of high quality refrigerant, heating, ventilation and air flow meters and testers.  The company makes its products in US to assure high quality, so the products could be used by professional technicians.  The CPS holds the greatest number of patents in its business category, which assures the quality of design.  Their product line includes, but it’s not limited to refrigerant recovery machines, vacuum pumps, lead detectors, air flow test tools and other diagnostic meters.

  • Kanomax

    Kanomax was founded in Japan over 80 years ago and has enjoyed a top reputation as a manufacturer and developer of advanced laboratory and technical measurement equipment including fluid mechanics, environmental, aerosol, particles and customized system products. Kanomax is committed to quality and service and boasts ISO 9001 and ISO14001 registrations and keeps an ongoing feedback dialogue with their customer base to provide ever-improving technology. Kanomax continues to innovate and expand its global operations to bring more and better products to the market.

  • Klein Tools

    Be one of the first to know about Klein Tools’ newest products, innovations and special deals. Join Klein Tools Loyalty Rewards Program and earn points through Klein Tradesman Club. For more details click here ...

  • Platinum Tools
    Platinum Tools is a reliable manufacturer of the installation tools and test equipment for the LAN, Telecom and Electrical technicians. Their main line includes connectors, cable plugs and jacks, as well as test equipment. They own a patent for the EZ-Snap Jack, which makes cable termination much easier and secure.
  • Radiodetection

    On Sale! Radiodetection CAT4 plus, eCAT4 plus, gCAT4 plus Underground Cable and Pipe Locators and Genny4 Transmitters. Take advantage of Savings Coupon!

  • Robinair

    On Sale the best-sellers Robinair RG3 and Robinair RG6 Refrigerant Recovery Machines.

  • Sauermann
    Sauermann is the German company specializing in making pumps for for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration application. The manufacturer is a very well known brand in US, due to the product quality and endurance. Sauermann now supplies a broad line of dataloggers for HVAC/R technicians and engineers. The data loggers are designed to accurately measure and monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 and other environmental IAQ factors. The Sauermann data loggers are very accurate and priced to provide great value and utility.
  • Schonstedt
  • Softing

    Softing is a well known manufacturer of the data transmission products. The company makes a high quality test equipment for the copper and fiber networks. Softing newest meters include WireXpert cable certification tester.

    New Softing WireXpert 4500 CAT8 Cable Certifier. Now You Can Certify Data Center And Enterprise Installations In The Shortest Time With New Softing WireXpert 4500 - Most Advanced Cable Certifier!

  • Supco
    SUPCO is one of the most known US manufacturers of the HVAC supplies and test equipment. The majority of their products is designed and made in the USA.
  • Superior Signal
    The best ultrasonic leak detectors come from Superior Signal Company. Their Superior AccuTrak brand uses a patented technology making detection of pressurized or vacuum leaks easy to detect. Try AccuTrak ultrasonic leak detector to test your valves or bearings, so you could detect problem areas, before they turn into costly repairs.
  • T3 Innovation

    T3 Innovation provides solutions for: Datacom Cabling, IT Networking, Telecom, Utility, and OSP. All of the Test Equipment is made in the USA. 

    Chat or call us at 602-795-4033 or send an e-mail for Your Special Pricing!

  • Tramex
    Tramex is a global leader in design and manufacturing of accurate moisture meters. The company, actually, invented a non-destructive moisture meter, after a years of research. They still focus on research and development of new moisture meters, which can accurately pinpoint to a source and measure extend of water damage in flooring, walls, ceilings, roofing and other areas. Tramex meters work with concrete and other building materials, as well as wood. Professionals dealing with either water damage restoration, or wall coverings use Tramex moisture meters, as their tools. Tramex is even a preferred tool recommended by many manufacturers of building materials, including SICA a world leader making floor covering meterials in their own product specs. Testers and Tools offers an entire selection of Tramex moisture meters and their accessories, and ships them to any US location expediently.
  • Triplett
    Triplett is a prime manufacturer of the test equipment and tools in the USA. The company has a long history of making a variety of testers, such as multimeters, clamp meters, tone and probe kits, as well as other meters for measuring and testing of cables. Their products are very popular among electrical, lan telecom and security technicians and engineers.
  • TSI Alnor
    TSI Alnor balometers air capture hoods, and air velocity meters for HVAC service technicians and HERS professionals.
  • Veto Pro Pac
    Veto Pro Pac is the manufacturer of the highest quality tool bags and pouches for the professional technicians and tradesman. They utilize a patented center panel with vertical pockets around it. All tool bag and pouches made by Veto are extremely durable.
  • Wohler

    The best selling Chimney, Dryer Vents, and Flue Gas Systems Cleaning Tools from Wohler:

    Wohler Mini Viper - an excellent tool for cleaning dryer vents, flue gas systems, ducts and pipe works. (Mfg. part no. 8872)
    Wohler Viper M - handy Chimney-Duct-Vent Cleaning Equipment with GRP rod 7mm (Mfg. part no. 7649)
    Wohler Viper L - popular chimney cleaning and sweeping tools (Mfg. part no. 9412)
    Wohler Viper L - another popular chimney cleaning and sweeping tools (Mfg. part no. 9413)
    Wohler Viper M  - a perfect tool for Vent-Duct-Chimney Cleaning Tool with GRP rod 7mm (Mfg. part no. 7648)
    Wohler Viper XL - an ideal tool for cleaning of large chimneys, ducts and pipeworks. (Mfg. part 3 no.3332)
    Wohler Viper XXL - a perfect tool for sweeping and cleaning of large chimneys, ducts and pipe works (Mfg. part no. 3337)

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