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Yellow Jacket P51-870 Titan Digital Wireless Manifold
Yellow Jacket P51-870 Titan Digital Wireless Manifold

Yellow Jacket P51-870 Titan Digital Wireless Manifold

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Yellow Jacket P51-870 Titan Digital Wireless Manifold

The Yellow Jacket P51-870 is the ultimate digital 4-valve manifold providing fast and accurate measurements for system pressures and temperatures, superheat and subcooling to provide instant analysis. The digital manifold’s 4.3” full color touchscreen graphic display will provide digital and graphical representation of the pressure and temperature measurements. These measurements can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a Smartphone for even further analysis using the Mantooth app available for download through the App Store or Google Play Store. The P51-870 Titan also features internal data logging and standard vacuum sensor and measurements with the included vacuum sensor.

Key Features

  • Preprogrammed with 126 refrigerants including new blends not currently on the Refprop database
  • Measures high and low side pressure and temperature
  • Displays vapor and liquid saturation temperatures
  • Calculates superheat and subcooling
  • Vacuum measurements, targets and leak testing
  • Bluetooth ability with ManTooth app
  • Internal datalogging that can be exported to computer or phone
  • Measurement units bar, psia, psig,kPa,MPa, kg/cm2
  • IP52 certified

Important Features

This easy to use digital wireless manifold will allow a service technician to easily obtain the necessary measurements to evaluate an A/C or refrigeration system. The P51-870 can then be used to evacuate, charge, recover and test for leaks if necessary. In addition, when using the Mantooth app, the superheat and subcooling can easily be obtained on a Smartphone.

The Titan manifold includes two temperature clamps for monitoring system temperature, superheat, and subcooling. The temperature clamps when not in use can be conveniently clamped to the two pegs on the back of the unit.

The digital wireless manifold utilizes a 2000mAhr rechargeable lithium battery that will provide 4 hours of battery life with full backlight brightness and 80 hours with no backlight. The Titan wireless manifold and (4) hoses are easily stored in the included backpack carrying case leaving a technician’s hands free to carry other equipment that might be needed.

Graphical representation of pressure / temperature
Display example

ManTooth App Features

The P51-870 when connected to the Mantooth App via Bluetooth can be used by a technician to remotely monitor (has a range of up to 400 ft) system pressure, temperature, vacuum, and perform target superheat and subcooling calculations. The Mantooth app can also generate its own datalog files and job reports.

  • Check target superheat and subcooling by setting dewpoint and bubble point
  • Additional monitoring, data logging and report generation
  • Generates datalog file
  • Multi-language options
  • Data logging to record and document values during servicing
  • Improved connectivity and reconnect process if signal is lost
  • Ability to download data for graphing in Excel
  • For iOS and Android devices
  • Backwards compatible with existing ManTooth Devices (excluding vacuum gauge)

ManTooth App Display

What's Included

  • P51-870
  • 4-pak of hoses (3 ¼” RYB and 1 3/8” Yellow hose)
  • Two temperature clamps
  • Backpack carrying case
  • Vacuum sensor
  • Two year warranty

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