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Accutools Combustion Analyzer BluFlame A10773NO NOx Sensor Kit
AccuTools BluFlame Combustion Analyzer A10773NO with Nox Sensor and Bluetooth

Accutools Combustion Analyzer BluFlame A10773NO NOx Sensor Kit

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The AccuTools BluFlame A10773NO is a new advanced flue gas combustion analyzer that incorporates Bluetooth and touch screen technologies. The AccuTools Bluflame offers a powerful, handheld all-in-one solution for the whole commissioning process, all the way from establishing input pressure to ensuring proper draft at the end of the job. The Bluflame Analyzer includes a free iOS and Android App is included for detailed reporting and analysis and connects via the Bluetooth feature. These high-tech features combine to make the Accutools Combustion Analyzer a breakthrough tool for the combustion analysis industry.

This is a special version with NOx sensor for states or companies requiring testing flue gas for NO and NO2 gases.

  • Measures NOx
  • Combustion calculations delivered in real-time
  • Measure stack draft and differential pressure with built-in differential manometer
  • Onboard temperature measurement with dual inputs
  • Field replaceable sensors via MSM sensor technology
  • User-friendly backlit touch screen interface
  • Test for combustion parameters, efficiency and ambient CO on a single instrument
  • Use for multiple applications with large selection of fuel settings
  • Lithium-ion battery with high capacity
  • 1,000 complete data sets can be stored internally
  • Collect data from the Bluflame via Bluetooth, USB, or SD card

What’s in the Box?

  • Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer
  • Sampling probe with probe stop
  • Water trap and spare particulate filter
  • Rugged hard case
  • One-year warranty

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