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Accutools BluVac Micro Plus Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge
Accutools BluVac Micro Plus Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge

Accutools BluVac Micro Plus Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge

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Accutools BluVac Micro Plus Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge

The AccuTools BluVac Micro Plus is an accurate, digital, wireless, vacuum gauge that will fit in your pocket. This affordable digital vacuum gauge will accurately measure vacuum pressure in Microns, Pascals, mBar, Torr, and mmHg with a resolution of 1 micron. The BluVac + Micro Vacuum Gauge is great for HVAC professionals because it is small, lightweight, rugged easy to use, and affordable.

Key Features

  • Hi-Visibility, Back-Lit Display
  • Bluetooth Smart® Wireless Capability
  • Measures vacuum in Microns, Pascals, mBar, Torr, and mmHg
  • 0 to 25,000 Micron range with 1 Micron resolution
  • Automatic Oil Sensor
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Long battery Life
  • Calibration Self-test 
  • Calibratable – No Reference Needed 
Important Features

The BluVac+ Micro can operate for 100 hours on 2 AAA batteries, measure vacuum from 0-25,000 microns with a 1 micron resolution, has a built in oil sensor, as well as a patented sensor technology that allows for field calibration with no special equipment necessary. These features allow an HVAC technician peace of mind as they never having to worry about accuracy, calibration, or having to guess if the gauge is contaminated with oil. 

The BluVac Plus Micro can operate accurately at temperatures below freezing.  However, in such cases AccuTools does recommend the use of Lithium AAA batteries for the best battery life.

The Micro Plus displays “HI-P” when the vacuum pressure exceeds 25,000 Microns. To conserve battery life, the BluVac+ Micro goes into Sleep Mode after 1 minute in “HI-P” unless the wireless connection is active and connected.  The micron gauge will power off completely after one hour in Sleep Mode.

If the sensor inadvertently get contaminated with oil, the display will show “OIL” indicating the sensor needs to be cleaned for accurate readings.  Periodically you should also perform a calibration self-test to ensure the vacuum gauge is performing accurately.

The BluVac Micro Plus can be used as a stand-alone vacuum gauge or be paired with the BluVac+ Micro App on an Android and iOS device via Bluetooth for even more capabilities.

BluVac+ Micro App by MeasureQUICK

Combining the BluVac + Micro with MeasureQUICK allows the HVAC technician even more features to increase productivity, help identify issues with moisture or leaks, and documents the entire process for a more comprehensive understanding of the evacuation process. 

BluVac+ Micro App Features

  • View Vacuum on digital gauge or graph
  • Leak check feature
  • Record evacuation process
  • Export as graphical PDF
  • Export as comma-delimited CSV

What’s Included
  • BluVac+ Micro Vacuum Gauge
  • Female-to-Female ¼” Flare Coupler
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 2 x AAA Battery
  • Instruction Manual

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