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AEMC 1060 1000V Megohmmeter
AEMC 1060 Megohmmeter 1000V Resistance Tester 2130.03

AEMC 1060 1000V Megohmmeter

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AEMC 1060 1000V Megohmmeter is a fully automated 1000V insulation resistance tester that provides insulation testing to 4000G Ohm (4T Ohm). Test results include DAR, PI, capacitance, voltage measurement and duration of test. Digital/Analog Megohmmeter Model 1060 has an RS-232 interface and an extensive memory function, etc.
MFG Part No.: 2130.03
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The AEMC 1060 Megohmmeter 1000V Resistance Tester 2130.03 is an automated 1000V insulation tester. Provides insulation measurements up to 4000G? (4T?). Measures capacitance, DAR, PI, voltage, and duration of tests. Includes an extensive memory function, capable of storing results into files viewable on a PC. Programmable and controllable by PC, along with viewable results and graphs.

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