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Amprobe TPP1-C1 Probe Thermometer
Amprobe TPP1-C1 Celsius Digital Probe Thermometer

Amprobe TPP1-C1 Probe Thermometer

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The TPP1-C1 Probe Thermometer is a probe style immersion thermometer. It is small and portable, and displays with 0.1 degree of resolution. The TPP1-F1 measures in degrees Fahrenheit, and the TPP1-C1 measures in degrees Celsius.
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The TPP1-C1 Probe Thermometer measures degrees in Celsius through the use of an immersion probe. Small and portable, the The TPP1-C1 has a digital display with a resolution of 0.1 and features a Data Hold to maintain the temperature on the display, For measuring degrees in Fahrenheit, please see the Amprobe TPP1-F1 Probe Thermometer.

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