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Armada GFL3000 Buried Wire Ground Fault Locator
Armada GFL3000 Buried Wire Ground Fault Locator

Armada GFL3000 Buried Wire Ground Fault Locator

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Armada GFL3000 Buried Wire Ground Fault Locator is designed to locate and detect buried ground faults with both high and low power capabilities. The Armada GFL3000 features an audible Power ON indication, rechargeable battery with charger, intuitive analog display, and custom molded casing.
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The Armada GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator is a powerful, affordable, and easy to use tool for quickly finding ground faults in buried wires. When an energized wire makes direct contact with earth ground (through a cut in the wire's insulation, for example), at least some of the current escapes from the wire and travels to earth ground, in many cases, this lost current can make irrigation equipment like sprinklers malfunction or stop working entirely.

By detecting the flow of this lost current through the ground, the Armada GFL3000 enables maintenance personnel and other pros to rapidly find the fault so they can quickly repair the wiring.

How the GFL3000 Works
First, the location and path of the wire containing the fault must be determined using a wire tracer such as Armada's Pro871C or Pro900.

The GFL3000 works by applying a high voltage signal to the wire (after it has been disconnected at both ends) from the transmitter unit while the two probe tips of the A-frame shaped receiver are inserted into two separate points on the ground. When the analog meter attached to the receiver detects current flow between the two points of the frame, a needle in the analog meter attached to the frame will quickly move in the direction of the fault. 

This needle "kick" tells the user in which direction along the wire the ground fault lies. By repeatedly moving the receiver frame down the path of the wire and observing the meter, the user can zero in on the exact location of the wiring fault. When the frame of the receiver is directly over the fault, the needle will cease to kick. If the frame is moved past the location of the fault, the direction of the needle kicks will actually reverse.

Flexible Fault Finding
The GFL3000 conveniently features two transmitter power levels: Low (2,400 V) and High (3,200 V). The high power setting will detect all ground faults (regardless of severity), while the low power setting is great locating only the worst faults (i.e. those areas leaking the most current to earth ground).

Key Features

• Audible 'On' Beeper, indicating the presence of high voltage
• Dual Power Capabilities (Hi/Lo)
• Rechargeable Battery
• Battery Power Indicator
• Custom Molded Case

What's Included

GFL3000R Receiving Box.
GFL3000 A-FRAME Receiving Frame
GFL3000T Dual Power Transmitter (with rechargeable 12V gel cell battery).
Pro-GS2 Ground Stake
Wall Charger
Car Charger
Operating Manual

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