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Armada Pro300 Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator
Armada Pro300 Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator

Armada Pro300 Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator

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Armada Pro300 Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator is designed for working on smaller wired systems such as residential and irrigation wiring. The Armada Pro300 features a removable antenna, adjustable volume control on receiver, LED ground condition indicator, ground stakes, and standard 1748hz null tracking signal.
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Armada Pro300 Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator

The Armada Pro300 is an underground wire and valve locator for residential small wired networks such as sprinklers or irrigation systems.  This wire and valve locator is ideal for residential contractors, landscapers, and irrigation specialist who need to quickly and efficiently locate broken or damaged wires, trace a wire’s path or locate a valve box.

Key Features

  • Locates broken or damaged wires
  • Traces wire paths
  • Locates lost valves
  • Locating up to 500 ft range and depth of 4 ft
  • Integral transmitter
  • Detachable antenna

Important Features

The Pro300 is simple to operate. It comes complete with the transmitter built-in to the carrying case, 2 test leads with alligator clips, receiver with a detachable antenna and a ground stake.  A connection is established by attaching one alligator clip from the transmitter to the ground stake and the other alligator clip from the transmitter to the wire you are trying to track. Once a good ground connection is established, indicated by a bright red LED light located on the transmitter, you are ready to track your wire. 

The receiver which has a speaker and a detachable antenna is used to track the wire. As you swing the antenna back and forth over the suspected wire location you will hear loud beeping noise on either side of the underground wire.  However, when directly over the wire the Pro300 uses the NULL principle (absence of sound) and the sound will stop. The user will know the exact location of the wire being tracked by following the path of the null beeps. If a wire is cut or broken, the signal will stop there. In addition, when locating a valve, the signal will change over the solenoid, indicating its location.

The wire and valve locator will work up to a distance of 500 feet from the transmitter and a depth of 4 feet to locate wires and valves. The Pro300 transmitter requires 8 “C” batteries and the receiver requires one 9V batteries that are not included.

What's Included

  • Transmitter, carrying case, and leads
  • Receiver and antenna
  • Ground stake
  • Instruction manual
  • One year warranty

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