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Armada Pro800D The Best Wire and Irrigation Valve Locator
Armada Pro800D The Best Wire and Irrigation Valve Locator

Armada Pro800D The Best Wire and Irrigation Valve Locator

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Armada Pro800D The Best Wire and Irrigation Valve Locator is designed to track irrigation wires, find missing valves, and detect serious damage to vulnerable underground cabling. The Armada Pro800D features a wireless tracking mode, higher power output, advanced AC noise rejection, and AC noise rejection.
MFG Part No.: Pro800D
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Built upon the solid design of its predecessor, the Pro700, the Armada Pro800D Wire and Valve Locator features 20% more transmitter power, adds Peak tracing mode, and augments normal wire tracing operation with wireless Broadcast mode. 

Like the Pro700, the Pro800D has excellent AC hum blocking, audio and visual signal indicators, and is powered by 8 “D” cell batteries. 

In addition to finding and tracing buried irrigation wires, the Pro800D can also find solenoids. The pitch of the audible signal changes when the receiving wand is above a solenoid valve. Techs really love this feature, which makes it easy to find solenoids and distinguish them from wires.

Broadcast Mode for Easy Locating
Broadcast mode utilizes electromagnetic induction to energize the wire being traced, replacing the alligator clip connection back at the box. This new mode is especially useful for quick scans, tracing cabling when access to them is limited, finding telephone or cable TV lines, and finding other buried wires which aren’t connected to solenoids.

Irrigation and landscape contractors can utilize Broadcast mode to enjoy almost unlimited range. When the transmitter’s signal drops too low due to distance, they can simply pick up the transmitter and set it back down farther along the wire’s path and then continue tracing. Repeat as necessary!

Value, Performance, and Flexibility 
Despite these innovative new features and industry-leading wire and valve locating performance, the Pro800D remains an excellent value for the money, especially compared to higher-priced competing units whose transmitters don’t provide as much power and consequently have shorter max tracing distances.

With the Pro800D Armada has also combined Null mode tracing with Peak mode—and made changing between them as easy as flipping a switch. Using them in combination results in more accurate locations.

Key Features:

20% more power than the Pro700
Null and Peak tracing modes
Wireless Broadcast mode
Powered by 8 D Cell batteries (transmitter) and one 9V battery (receiver)
Indication via speaker, headset, and analog meter
Powerful 50-60 Hz AC blocking circuit 

What’s Included:

    Pro800R Receiver
    Pro880T Transmitter/Carrying Case
    Pro800ST Ground Stake
    ProH1 Headset
    Pro800CS Cordset
    D-cell batteries
    User Manual
    1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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