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Bacharach 24-7221 ECA 450 Professional Combustion Analyzer
Bacharach 24-7221 ECA 450 Professional Combustion Analyzer

Bacharach 24-7221 ECA 450 Professional Combustion Analyzer

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Bacharach 24-7221 ECA 450 Environmental and Combustion Efficiency Analyzer accurately tests combustion and emissions to help you adhere to environmental regulations and check that your equipment is efficiently burning. The Bacharach 24-7221 takes a wide variety of measurements including oxygen, carbon monoxide, stack temperature, ambient temperature and draft pressure. The Bacharach 24-7221 ECA 450 can improve overall combustion efficiency, determine emission compliance and lower fuel cost. This model is the BASE UNIT ONLY. USA MADE. Ground Shipping Free in Continental US.
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Bacharach 24-7221 ECA 450 Combustion Analyzer measures Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide, as well as combustibles, temperature and draft. It also calculates combustion efficiency, excess air, carbon dioxide, NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and pollution units. Bacharach ECA 450 takes continuous samplings of furnaces, boilers and other industrial combustion equipment for up to eight hours and generates precise, reliable combustion and environmental measurements and calculations. And it generates this complex data easily even at selected intervals enabling plants to make more accurate equipment adjustments and better assess pollution levels. Bacharach ECA 450 helps improve overall combustion efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and determine emissions compliance.Unlike any other industrial grade combustion efficiency and environmental analyzer on the market today, the new ECA 450 from Bacharach conducts accurate combustion and emissions tests that will help you meet environmental regulations and ensure your equipment is burning efficiently. Bacharach ECA 450 24-7221 enables plant maintenance engineers and managers, industrial oiler/furnace service technicians, energy coordinators, compliance officers, environmental auditors and safety managers ensure that industrial equipment is burning efficiently while environmental regulations are being met. Made in the USA. Free ground shipping within continental US.

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