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Fieldpiece SM380V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Datalogging
Fieldpiece SMAN Digital Refrigerant Manifold SM380V 3 Port and Micron Gauge

Fieldpiece SM380V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Datalogging

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Fieldpiece SMAN Digital Refrigerant Manifold SM380V 3 Port and Micron Gauge

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The Fieldpiece SM380V SMAN is a 3-port digital refrigerant manifold and micron gauge that is packed with features and improvements designed with the HVAC technician in mind. In addition to the great features HVAC technician already rely on, the SM380V has improved the rugged construction, added data logging and wireless capabilities up to 350’ away as well as included customizable features.

Key Features

  • Temperature compensated system tightness test
  • Real-time calculations
  • Rugged construction
  • Data Logging with USB port
  • Customizable features
  • Measurements can be viewed on a mobile device up to 350'
  • 70 pre-programmed refrigerants - last ten used stored for quick selection
  • (3)Protected thermocouple jacks for pipe and outdoor temps
  • IP54 rated (water resistant)
  • Job Link system ready
  • (3) 1/4" ports
Important Features

The SM380V will still measuring two pressures, two temperatures, calculate super heat, sub cooling, calculate target super heat and also includes a built in micron gauge to make it the testing hub at the job site. In addition to these function, the manifold has upgraded additional features making a HVAC technician’s job faster, easier, and better.
The whole case has been redesigned to increase the ruggedness of the manifold. The back plastic, impact resistant screen, and rugged case are all one piece and molded together to increase the water resistance of the unit. The manifold is rated IP54 which means it is water resistant and can be used in rain without worry. Other redesigned features for better field performance include a beefy hook, moving the type K thermocouple ports to the back for additional protection, and a hermetically sealed sight glass. In addition, for added convenience, they have also added an outdoor dry bulb thermocouple.

The SM380V includes data logging which will store up to 9 jobs internally which can conveniently be downloaded via the USB port. A technician can easily see the percentage of free storage space before logging begins. The manifold can log up to 7 days (168 continuous hours) to monitor how a system is functioning.

The manifold has a temperature tightness test using the suction line clamp to check a system for leaks after a repair or installation. The timer will track the duration of the test and an HVAC technicians will be able to monitor on the large LCD screen the pressure differential over time. In a system without leaks, pressure will remain constant. A system with a leak will show fluctuations.

Features on the digital refrigerant manifold can be customized to suit each technician’s working style. The duration of the auto power off and back light can be customized as well as the high and low vacuum alarms and individual units of measurements.

The manifold has a list of 70 different refrigerants, but to save a technician time it keeps a rolling list of your ten most recent refrigerants above the main list. When you power off your manifold, the current refrigerant is added automatically to this list.

Live readings from Fieldpiece Psychrometer JL3RH, Refrigerant Scale SRS3, and Pipe Clamp JL3PC can be directly viewed on the SMAN manifold screen. A technician can place the pipe clamp in the perfect location and monitor and record live refrigerant usage for precise recovery, charging, and documentation. Adjustments can be made while viewing live air measurements and calculations.

Utilizing the Job Link System App a technician can add additional professionalism to each job. Measurements can be viewed up to 350’ away on a mobile device. In addition, you can document your work and provide professional reports, including refrigerant weight usage by using the Job Link App.

What’s Included

  • SM380V
  • (2) TC24 wired Type-K Pipe Clamp Thermocouple
  • (1) ATA1 Type-K Bead Thermocouple with Clip
  • (1) ANC11 Padded Drawstring Case

Available Fieldpiece SM480V 4-Port SMAN Wireless Refrigerant Manifold with Micron Gauge.

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