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Fieldpiece VP85 8 CFM Vacuum Pump
Fieldpiece VP85 8 CFM Vacuum Pump

Fieldpiece VP85 8 CFM Vacuum Pump

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Fieldpiece VP85 8CFM Vacuum Pump with In-Line 4-Port Manifold

The VP85 is Fieldpiece’s new 8 CFM vacuum pump with a variable speed DC motor that uses the RunQuick Oil Change System to allow a technician to clearly view and change contaminated pump oil in seconds even while the pump is running. The VP85 HVAC vacuum pump is designed for the HVAC/R professionals pulling vacuum in A/C and refrigeration systems either before adding refrigerant on a new installation or performing a system repair.

Key Features

  • Change oil quickly, even with pump running
  • Variable speed DC motor
  • Easy view backlit oil reservoir
  • Four in-line ports
  • Two stage pump
  • Gas ballast switch with LED

Important Features

The vacuum pump is used in the evacuation process to remove all unwanted moisture and contaminants from a refrigeration system prior to testing, repairs, and charging.  When using a vacuum pump, the vacuum pump oil is important as this is what is used to collect moisture and contaminates from the AC system. As the vacuum oil becomes saturated with moisture and contaminants it reduces the pump’s efficiency. To ensures that the refrigerant evacuation pump will operate at peak efficiency and to prolong its life it’s important to maintain clean oil in the pump. 

Fieldpiece understands the importance of clean oil in an AC vacuum pump and designed the VP85 vacuum pump with a large backlit oil reservoir. This feature allows a technician to easily view the condition of the oil and change it when necessary to keep the pump performing optimally. A technician using the Fieldpiece RunQuick Oil Change System can easily replace the oil in under 20 seconds, even if the pump is running without losing vacuum. The VP85 even has a convenient storage compartment for the reserve 8 oz. bottle on the side of the unit.

Other features of this durable 8 CFM vacuum pump are: 4 port manifold with (1) ¼”, (2) 3/8” and (1) ½” in-line ports, a gas ballast with a bright red LED light indicating the ballast is open, an extra wide base to prevent tipping, a tangle free cord storage on the handle, and an anti suck-back design to protect gauges and system from oil in a power outages. 

The VP85 HVAC pump is constructed of heavy duty rubberized construction that weighs 28 lbs without oil and is water resistant to withstand direct rain with an IP24 rating.  
What's Included

  • 8 CFM vacuum pump
  • Two 8 oz bottles of vacuum pump oil
  • User’s manual
Available Fieldpiece VP55 5CFM Vacuum Pump with In-Line 4-Port Manifold.

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