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Fluke 8846A-SU High Precision Bench Multimeter
Fluke 8846A-SU High Precision Bench Multimeter

Fluke 8846A-SU High Precision Bench Multimeter

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Fluke 8846A/SU Precision Multimeter, 6.5 digit with SW and cable. Mfg part Fluke 2675344. The Fluke 8846A 6.5 digit precision multimeter has the precision and versatility to handle your most demanding measurements, on the bench or in a system. This meter is both high performance and feature rich, yet also remarkably easy to use.
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Fluke 8846A-SU Precision tester kit has a 6.5 digit resolution display with included SW and cable. This meter tester has the exactness and to take hard to reach readings, on the bench or in a system. This tester kit has a multitude of features that you would expect to see in a digital multimeter and is incredible easy-to-use; it can take measurements of volts, ohms, and amps. Basic Volt direct current precision of up to 0.0024 percent, 10 A current range, and a wide ohms range give you an supreme mixture of competence. This meter kit will also take readings for frequency, period, temperature, and capacitance with its utilities of a counter, capacitance, and thermometer that are built-in. This meter kit has a variety of graphical display modes, including: TrendplotTM paperless recorder mode, and statistics and histograms. This kit has gone through manufacturing, research and development, and service tests. This it also has dual display, adaptable graphics, can do 4-wire measurements with only two leads, has multiple connectors, and fluke view software and drivers for PC control and compatibility. Instrument programming drivers and DLL files & support information are included to get your test system up and running ASAP. Fluke View Forms Basic, Fluke 45 and Agilent 34401A emulation, Fluke support, and dependable serve are included with this meter kit.

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