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Kanomax 6715 TABmaster Balometer Capture Hood Air Balancing Instrument
Kanomax 6715 TABmaster Balometer Capture Hood Air Balancing Instrument

Kanomax 6715 TABmaster Balometer Capture Hood Air Balancing Instrument

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You'll receive Free $300 Shell Gas Card with a purchase of Kanomax 6715. Kanomax 6715 TABmaster Balometer Capture Hood Air Balancing Instrument is an advanced airflow meter that includes a capture hood to isolate the measurable airflow and can wirelessly transfer results to an Android device using the Bluetooth enabled detachable micro-manometer. The Kanomax 6715 TABmaster balometer can be used with interchangeable hoods for a variety of duct sizes and the detachable micro-manometer can be used with either pitot probes or an optional velocity matrix attachment, making the 6715 great for any air balancing application.
MFG Part No.: 6715
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The Kanomax 6715 TABmaster Balometer makes testing, adjusting, and balancing a breeze with its lightweight, easy to manage flow hood that can accurately measure and simultaneously displays airflow, temperature, and humidity at the supply and return grilles for HVAC systems in residential, commercial, and institutions. In addition, the 6715 capture hood can display the airflow direction as well as the velocity through the duct.  It also has a back pressure compensation flap that ensures accuracy for large volumetric flow measurements.  This is the flow hood TAB pros are looking for to get the job done right the first time.  

Key Features:
  • Simultaneously measures and shows air flow, temperature, and humidity data
  • Removable micromanometer with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Displays direction as well as velocity of the airflow
  • Stores up to 8000 measurements
  • Back pressure compensation
  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) approved
  • Includes NIST Calibration Certificate 
  • Air volumetric flow measurement through diffusers, registers, and grilles
  • Lightweight and easy to use
The TABmaster 6715 capture hood is unique in that it is made with a durable transparent vinyl at the top that allows the technician to visually check that the hood is lined up with the duct. It comes standard with a 2’ x 2’ hood.  However, additional hood sizes with the transparent top are available for different size grilles or applications. 

This flow hood has a removable handheld micromanometer  that comes with a high contrast, easy to read, 3.5” full color  LCD screen display that is Bluetooth capable (with Android) and can store up to 8000 measurements. The micromanometer has tilting capabilities and a user friendly display with 4 buttons that make it easy to navigate the on screen menu.  It provides intuitive prompts on the display indicating which buttons to press for corresponding actions or menu choices.  The micromanometer can be used independently with several optional accessories that allow for more flexibility in applications.

The Kanomax 6715 manometer with its built in Bluetooth ability allows you to remotely connect with the free TAB viewer mobile app for Androids.  This allows you to view your measurements digitally or in a simulated analog display on your tablet or phone.  After you have finished taking your measurements you can send them directly to your inbox or the customers from the app with Gmail.

The Kanomax 6715 has an optional stand (6710-08) with wheels the makes it easy to move the capture hood from one vent to the next. The stand also allows the technician to take remote measurements on the ceiling without having to use a ladder.

The Kanomax capture hood comes with a NIST Calibration certificate and is a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) approved testing instrument.

The Kanomax 6715 comes with:
Standard hood (2' x 2')
Communication cable for PC
Data processing software
Carrying case
NIST calibration certificate

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