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Tasco CMT42DS Circuit Tracer Mapper for Branch Circuits
Tasco CMT42DS Circuit Tracer Mapper for Branch Circuits

Tasco CMT42DS Circuit Tracer Mapper for Branch Circuits

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Tasco CMT42DS Circuit Tracer Mapper System is the first device of its kind that maps branch circuits of wiring systems concurrently with a single transmitter and receiver. This circuit tracer mapper system greatly reduce man-hours spent when locating branch connections of electrical circuits. Tasco CMT42DS is a new and improved version of the popular model Tasco CMT42S.
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Tasco CMT42DS Circuit Tracer Mapper for Branch Circuits

The Tasco CMT42DS Circuit Tracer and Mapper uses new technology to quickly and accurately map multiple branch circuits of wiring systems concurrently. The CMT42DS is designed to be used on both energized and de-energized systems. An electrician will be able to easily map all circuits and breaker connections from a single breaker panel utilizing the circuit tracer’s single transmitter and receiver. This revolutionary wire tracer will save an electrician’s time as he will no longer have to trace individual electrical circuits one at a time. The CMT42DS is able to map a complete 42 circuit breaker panel common in most residential or light commercial applications.

Key Features

  • Maps up to 42 branch circuits of wiring systems concurrently
  • Identifies lines on any electrical wiring system
  • Identifies which breakers are serving specific branches in seconds
  • Has a non-contact setting which allows a signal to be read through wire insulation, without direct electrical contact.
  • Eliminates equipment downtime as it can be used on energized or de-energized lines
  • Microprocessor based digital signal for the best accuracy
Important Features

An electrician would normally trace one circuit at a time making the mapping process very lengthy. However, the Tasco circuit mapper now gives an electrician the ability to trace up to 42 circuits or identify up to 42 breakers in a panel all at the same time. By connecting the transmitter to each branch circuit at the breaker panel, an electrician can use the receiver to simply walk around the building identifying which breakers are connected to specific outlets and circuits.

The receiver is very easy to use and will digitally display the corresponding circuit number with or without direct electrical contact allowing an electrician to know exactly which breaker is connected to the transmitter lead. The receiver prongs can be used directly in to the “hot” side of a receptacle or on a light switch conductor screw if the cover plate has been removed. The receiver will digitally display a number from 1-42 identifying which breaker that outlet or circuit is connected too. It’s that quick and easy to map your circuits!

In addition, the probe recognizes the digital signal without touching the electrical conductor. The wire tracer’s receiver has a built in amplifier that can be used through any insulated cord by holding the square receiver tip against the insulated wire and pushing and holding the ON/OFF button until the circuit number is displayed. The signal because it is digital will not cause any interference when tracing electrical or LAN network cables.

How does CMT42DS work?

The non-contact inductive clamps (CT clamps) are connected from the transmitter around a conductive circuit to induce a unique coded signal for each branch circuit. The receiver is programmed to measure the signal on a conductor when the probe is inserted in to an outlet. Because of the unique frequency and code of the transmitted signal, the receiver is able to determine the strongest signal at any given outlet or light switch and display that reading to a user. False readings are eliminated as the signal must repeat itself two times before the receiver will indicate the circuit. If there is no signal on the branch circuit being tested, the receiver will display two bars, --.

The Tasco circuit tracer mapper comes in 3 different versions: CMT24DS with 24 clamps, CMT42DS with 42 clamps and CMT84DS with 84 clamps. You can chose the proper circuit mapper for the size of your job. Basically, every electrician needs one of these to make their job easier, more efficient, and most importantly more accurate.
What's Included

  • Signal transmitter
  • Signal tracer probe
  • 42 connector clamps
  • Two 9V batteries
  • Soft sided carrying case
  • Instruction manual and circuit identification map
  • Two year warranty

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