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UEi C163 Combustion Analyzer with Differential Pressure
UEi C163 Combustion Analyzer with Differential Pressure

UEi C163 Combustion Analyzer with Differential Pressure

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The UEi C163 is a residential/commercial flue gas combustion analyzer with EOS Technology that gives you the versatility to check furnace efficiency, boiler tuning, as well as water heaters. The C163 combustion analyzer offers direct CO2 measurement, differential pressure, over-range protection pump, wireless module, and a 30-second start up time.
MFG Part No.: C163
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UEi C163 Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer with Pressure.

Easy to use residential/commercial combustion analyzer with differential pressure, multiple sensor protections, altitude compensation, and a rugged design.

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The UEi C163 Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer is designed to eliminate the biggest hassle in combustion analyzer ownership: sensor deterioration and replacement. Innovative EOS (Electro-Optical Sensor) Technology eliminates the costliest routine issue, which is replacing the oxygen sensor. This UEi Combustion Analyzer comes with a standard CO sensor like other analyzers, but instead of an electro-chemical oxygen sensor it has an Optical/Laser CO2 sensor. Typically, an O2 sensor degrades quickly because there is oxygen in the air all around us. But, by measuring CO and CO2, O2 values can be calculated exactly. This way all your readings are just as accurate but without the cost of having to constantly replace the O2 sensor. That technology puts this UEi Combustion Gas Analyzer at the cutting edge of the industry.

Key Features:
  • Precision measurement of CO, CO2, and flue plus ambient temperature, and differential pressure
  • Accurate calculations for O2, excess air, CO/CO2 ratio and differential temperature
  • Compensation for high altitude
  • Backlit display with 6 lines
  • Memory storage for 30 data points
  • CO sensor with NOx filtration
  • CO2 sensor with optical measurements (EOS technology)
  • Wireless link to printer App
  • Purge pump protection for CO sensor
Introducing the great benefits of UEi Service+. Register your combustion analyzer with UEi and get notified when its time to recertify.

UEi C163 Combustion Analyzer EOS Technology

Why to choose UEi Combustion Gas Analyzer ?

1 year warranty extendable to 10 years
SAME DAY recertification
Free UPS ground shipping to/from Indianapolis facility

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What’s in the Box?

  • Gas Analyzer (C163)
  • Flue probe
  • 3 x AA rechargeable batteries
  • USB charging cable
  • Particular Filter
  • Tubing with connector
  • Hardcase
  • 2 K-type probes
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying case
  • Up to 10 Year warranty with annual recertification

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