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AccuTools BluVac Plus Pro Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge with iOS and Android App
AccuTools BluVac Plus Pro Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge

AccuTools BluVac Plus Pro Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge with iOS and Android App

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AccuTools BluVac Plus Pro Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth Smart is a pro-quality advanced vacuum gauge with a patented design that provides the best accuracy and resolution on the market. The AccuTools BluVac+ Pro runs on a single 9V battery for up to 300 hours, measures from 0 to 25,000 microns with 0.1 micron resolution when under 10,000 microns, and is can be programmed for easy operation. Also connects to your iOS or Android smart devices via Bluetooth!
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AccuTools Micro BluVac Plus Pro Wireless Digital Vacuum

AccuTools BluVac+ Pro is a programmable digital vacuum gauge with Bluetooth Smart wireless capabilities providing the best accuracy and resolution on the market today. A technician will find the additional features such as an evacuation progress indicator, saturation temperature display, and leak rate indicator helpful to complete his service call efficiently and accurately. The BluVac+ Pro can be used as a stand-alone gauge or in conjunction with the BluVac+ App on iOS device or Android via Bluetooth. This wireless digital vacuum gauge can be used by HVAC/R technician as well as industrial and scientific professionals.

Key Features

  • 0 to 25,000 Micron range with 0.1 micron resolution less than 10,000 microns
  • Measures vacuum in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, Millitorr, mmHg, Psi and InHg
  • Bluetooth smart wireless capabilities
  • Programmable Evacuation and Rise Time Analyzer with alarm features
  • Vacuum Leak Rate, Ambient Temperature, And Saturation Temperature Indicator
  • Automatic oil sensor
  • Field Calibration Self-Test with no special equipment
  • Sensor withstands overpressure up to 500 PSI
Important Features

The wireless digital vacuum gauge will measure vacuum in Microns, Pascal, Millibar, Millitorr, mmHG, PSI and InHg from 0-25,000 microns with 0.1 micron resolution below 10,000 microns.

The BluVac+ Pro has two programmable modes: the Evacuation Program and Rise Time Test (RTT) Program to increase the technician’s productivity on the job. The evacuation program allows for unattended evacuation of large systems, and will emit an audible and visible alarm when the evacuation procedure is complete based on technician entered parameters.

The RTT Program follows a successful evacuation to ensure proper evacuation by analyzing the rate-of-rise of pressure versus time and automatically signals a PASS or Fail indication based on target pressure and time.

Additional features for the AccuTools BluVac Plus Pro include a vacuum leak rate indicator, ambient temperature indicator, and saturation temperature indicator. The leak rate indicator shows both evacuation progress and assists in determining the presence of leaks or moisture. The ambient and saturation temperature indicators are accurate to within 0.2° F and can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The digital vacuum gauge has an innovative oil sensor that alerts the user that the sensor has been contaminated with oil, vapor or other materials and needs to be cleaned to function accurately. The Self-Diagnostic test is to assess if the gauge is calibrated accurately. If calibration is required, the BluVac+ Pro can be re-calibrated to factory standards without special equipment.

The AccuTools BluVac+ Pro has a large, easy to read backlit screen and is operated on a single 9V battery for up to 300 hours. 

What's Included

  • BluVac+ Professional digital wireless vacuum gauge
  • Brass coupler
  • Protective rubber boot
  • Detachable swivel hook
  • One 9V battery
  • Instruction manual
  • One year warranty 

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