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Extech SL130G Digital Sound Level Meter with Alarm
Extech SL130G Digital Sound Level Meter with Alarm

Extech SL130G Digital Sound Level Meter with Alarm

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Extech SL130G Digital Sound Level Meter with Alarm features: Continuous Monitoring of Sound Level Wall, desk or tripod mount with optional 15ft (5m) microphone extension cable for remote monitoring. User settable high or low limit (30 to 130dB) with output to drive external relay module and much more. Meets ANSI Type 2 and EN 60651 accuracy specs - compliant to OSHA.
MFG Part No.: SL130G
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Extech SL130G Sound Level Monitor is compliant to OSHA and meets ANSI Type 2 accuracy specifications. Extech SL130G will continuously monitor the sound level in patient rooms, intensive care areas, nurseries and hallways where noise level is a concern. The SL130G features user-settable high and low limit (30 to 130dB) indications along with an output to drive a remote warning indicator. Super bright red flashing or green LEDs can be read from 100 feet (30m) and maximum readings are recorded with date and time. As a stand-alone device, wall or tripod mounted, Extech SL130G can be strategically placed to monitor noise levels for entire areas. The SL130 microphone rotates 180° for desired placement and is detachable to enable remote monitoring using the optional 15 ft (5m) microphone extension cable. In addition to the super bright red and green LED indicators the SL130G large LCD display is also highly visible. With a programmable high limit set point between 30 and 130db, the SL130 is extremely flexible and settings can be quickly changed to meet varying needs. Extech SL130G can also assist in eliminating noise factors by recording the time and date of maximum decibel level occurrences. Certificates of Traceability to NIST are also available. Extech SL130G also features a clock display, programmable start-stop time for extended battery life and rear panel controls to prevent unauthorized programming. The sound level monitor comes complete with an AC adaptor and microphone wind cover.

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