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Greenlee BLL-200 Underground Cable Locator
Greenlee BLL-200 Underground Cable Locator

Greenlee BLL-200 Underground Cable Locator

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Greenlee Tempo BLL-200 Buried Line Locator is the most economic underground cable locator with digital depth reading.
MFG Part No.: 7796
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Greenlee Tempo BLL-200 is a lightweight and ergonomically balanced buried line locator that traces 20 feet underground and provides depth readings up to 15 feet. The BLL-200 is UL and cUL listed and complies with UL 3111-1 Category III standards. The BLL-200 receiver has a switch setting that determines if the unit is in active (TRACE on the panel markings) or passive mode. In active mode, the receiver only looks for the signal from the transmitter, reducing the chance of tracing other lines carrying weaker signals. It locates multiple passive frequencies with only a single switch setting. The Greenlee Tempo BLL-200 transmitter can be connected to live lines up to 600 Volts AC and 300 Volts DC. The LED and LCD signal strength indicators make it quick and easy to find exact line locations. The Greenlee Tempo BLL-200 features an improved clamp for inductive coupling. The new clamp provided greater signal strength and can accommodate 3-inch conduit, 3.5 inches in diameter). The clamp is now attached to the transmitter via a 3-foot long cable instead of being rigidly attached, improving ease of use. Both units have microprocessor-based circuitry that delivers increased accuracy and features auto-gain control in all environments. Each unit also uses standard AA batteries and comes with a low battery indicator.

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