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Armada Pro290 Compact Underground Wire and Cable Locator
Armada Pro290 Compact Underground Wire and Cable Locator

Armada Pro290 Compact Underground Wire and Cable Locator

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Armada Pro290 Wire and Cable Locator consists of a transmitter and easy to use handheld receiver. This wire locator uses an easy to track 33khz frequency, a peak signal, and setups up in less than a minute.
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Armada Pro290 Compact Underground Wire and Cable Locator

The Armada Pro290 is a compact underground wire locator designed to find lost or broken wires and trace their paths. The wire locator can be used to work with landscaping lighting, invisible pet fencing, telecom drop wires, CATV lines, or just about any metallic conductor that you can hook an alligator clip to. The mini underground wire locator uses an easy-to-track 33 kHz signal and a null reception mode to detect a wire’s location.

Key Features

  • Tracks underground wires including CATV, telephone, landscaping, invisible pet fencing
  • Operates at 33 kHz 
  • Locating range of 1000 ft and depth up to 4 ft
Important Features

The easy-to-use Pro290 kit can be quickly set up to locate underground wires. The transmitter located in the carrying case has 2 lead wires used to connect to the ground stake inserted into the soil and the other to the wire you want to track. Once a good connection has been established indicated by the bright red LED light on the transmitter, you are ready to locate the wire.

The technician will use the hand held receiver to listen for beeps as you sweep the antenna over the ground in the area where the wire could be located. The closer you are to the cable, the louder the signal.  However, the Pro290 uses the NULL principle (absence of sound) to indicate where the wire is located. When you are on either side of the cable you will hear a loud beep, but when directly over the wire there will be no sound indicating the wire’s location.

The underground wire and cable locator can also be used to locate broken wires using the same technique. However, a break in the wire will cause the signal to stop at the point of the break.  It is important to make sure any wire or cable you are tracking is grounded or you will not be able to locate them.

The Armada Pro290 can be used to locate wires and cables up to a distance of 1000 ft and to a depth of 4 ft. The wire locator transmitter requires 8 “C” batteries to operate and the receiver uses one 9V battery. 

What's Included

  • Transmitter in carrying case and leads
  • Receiver wand and antenna
  • Ground stake
  • Operating manual
  • One year warranty

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